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Festival Preview: WayHome July 24-26

The artists billed for WayHome this year were chosen in a similar fashion to last year. Though predominantly indie rock, the music features a wide spectrum of different artists and genres from all over the world, but with a hometown bias towards Canadian acts and our country’s preferred sound.

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Top 9 Concerts in Toronto July 2016

We’ve curated our top concerts and festivals to check out in Toronto this July – and to put it lightly; they’re all over the place. This month, our list features at least one band from every end of the music scene’s spectrum: whether it’s the likes of local...

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At Mighty Records we want you to share your music taste with us. We’ll share ours. Let’s explore indie and alternative music across genres.

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What happens when physical meets digital? Mighty Records plans to make music an experience again. Mighty singles are coming soon.

Watch Redrick Sultan play one of their songs on a dock at Trout Lake in East Vancouver. This is the first video in a series showcasing local talent in Toronto and Vancouver. Expect the next video soon, “Beers With Bands.”