My Most Influential Song: Sodus by Cemeteries

by | Jul 14, 2016

The first time I listened to Sodus by Cemeteries, I knew it was going to be one of those songs I wouldn’t be able to shake off my soul. Okay, I know what you’re thinking, is it really that dramatic? The truth is in the tune! It’s in the lyrics and melodies. It paints a picture of a summer night you spent as a teenager wondering when your life was going to turn into something spectacular. I’m sure we’ve all had some kind of revelation like this. If I was to collect all these fantasies of mine and turn them into some tangible form of expression, it would be through this song. All the places I’ve never been to. All the people I haven’t met. All the good and bad experiences that I cannot call my own, but have a longing to understand. I have an everlasting nostalgia for things I’ve never grasped in physical form, sprouting from a genuine admiration of the things in life that are the most raw and passionate, thriving off of possibility for a world of new doors to open.

Nothing embodies these vague ideas of mine quite like this song. I can feel this way, listening to an artist for the first time, solely because of what they’ve encompassed in a song in just under seven minutes. The feeling emulated from it: not good nor bad. Something that is made of what you make of it.

The tune itself is mellow in nature, echoey and fluid. Sodus starts off on a steady beat, lead vocalist Kyle Reigle soothes in. The lyrics are hard to grasp off the bat, and stand true to the enigmatic nature of the song. Synthy chords brood in and out of focus creating a dream like atmosphere. A reassuring guitar melody chimes in here and there. The real core of the song is prominent a few minutes in. The tempo slows, tones become deeper. You’re left feeling like you’re floating in a pool of jello (I’m not kidding). Reigle’s vocals float through the background, synths gain depth and volume and it is as though a perfect epiphany was meant to happen at this point. You’re carried to the moment in somebody’s life when they realize their full potential. Something out of a movie. Goosebumps, I know.

In short, Sodus by Cemeteries is definitely worth listening to if you’re the kind of person who’s any bit moody and passionate. It’s more like a piece of art and less like a simple tune. This song will leave you with a subtle chill – asking questions and feeling inspired.

Jaqueline Manoukian

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