Festival Preview: Pemberton Music Festival July 14-17

by | Jun 16, 2016

The Pemberton Music Festival is a month away. At Mighty Records we decided to put together a Pemberton Music Festival preview. Here’s a quick run down of the festivities…

THE HISTORY: For a festival in it’s fourth year, Pemberton’s growth is impressive. Originally hosted by Live Nation, the first festival was in 2008. It took a 5 year hiatus before returning in 2014 with Huka Entertainment taking over production duties. With only two festivals under their belt, the festival has become the biggest in the province. In 2008, there were two stages. Now, there are 4 stages, a comedy tent and a couple more pop-ups.

THE MUSIC: The festival features multiple stages of live entertainment, including rock, indie rock, hip hop, electronic, heavy metal, and comedy. In 2016, the lineup is Rap and EDM heavy. However, if you look closer you can find great artists and bands across all genres.

THE SETTING: Pemberton, BC. Near Mount Currie.


pemberton music festival preview

THE CAMPING: There are few festivals that offer such magnificent views. The Pemberton Valley is beautiful. If things haven’t changed since last year, be ready for a long trek from your vehicle to your campsite. Also, make sure that at least one of the mornings you walk over to the watering hole – a river that’s about 15 minutes from the campgrounds.

THE EXTRAS: A solid comedy lineup that includes high guys Cheech & Chong as well as Doug Benson.


THE STANDOUTS: Methodman & Redman, Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals and Kaleo

THE VERDICT: Pemberton Music Festival focused on booking one of the best rap lineups I’ve seen. If you’re a hip-hop head, head north of Vancouver to the valley. You’ll be able to enjoy live music with one of the best backdrops imaginable. We hope you enjoyed our Pemberton Music Festival preview. If you’re sticking around BC, Pemby is one of your best bets for the full festival experience.


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